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Reklaminė kvepalų "VIP Private Show" nuotrauka

Izraelis laukia Britney Spears koncerto!

Britney Jungtinės Karalystės leidinyje "Metro UK"

18-asis koncertinio turo "...Baby One More Time" gimtadienis

Britney kartu su naujais kvepalais "VIP Private Show"

Vaizdo įrašai iš Britney koncerto Honkonge

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Twitter: Britney pasidalino nauju vaizdo įrašu

Britney interviu Izraelio leidiniui "Ynet"

Britney davė naują intervių Izraelio leidiniui "Ynet". Interviu metu atlikėja papasakojo apie savo karjerą ir pirmąją kelionę į Izraelį:

Britney Jean Spears who's on her way to Israel and to the age of 36, is an anomaly when it comes to the international concerts coming to Israel this year. Somewhere between young boppers (Justin Bieber, 'Lil Dicky, Lali Espósito) and rock legends such as Aerosmith, Tom Jones, and Rod Stewert, is the undisputable queen of pop, who ruled the late 90's and early 2000's. A musical icon that's been crushed between the X generation and the millennials, the biggest pop star Since Madonna and 'till Beyonce.
Even if she was once compared to Christina Aguilera, the differences were always clear: Aguilera had the abilities, the genie, and the vocal range, but the one who was set to take the pop royalty throne and will forever mark the transformation from guitars and ballads to looks, choreography, dance, and production is Britney. Bitch.

Britney atsakymas apie konkurenciją muzikoje!