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Susitikimo su Britney Las Vegase istorija

Britney gerbėjas, Mike Covelli pasidalino savo istorija, kaip jis susipažino su pop muzikos žvaigžde:

I went to Vegas alone for the weekend (Wednesday-Sunday am) with my show on Friday! I knew she had shows both Friday & Saturday, so I wanted to get the night she was just gonna start the weekend. I had heard good & bad experiences about interacting with her, so I had this rehearsed dialogue in my head that of course went out the window when I walked up to her… and it was for the better when you keep reading 🙂 ) After all the backstage stuff which was awesome, her dressing room, the wings, the MATM wall for good luck, and about a half hour wait inbetween of the tour / talking to other fans in my group to meeting her, the nerves built up, but I kept it easy and calm, just to see what would happen! I had seen every show of hers since the Oops!… tour, and was in Vegas once in 2014, this was my last ‘hoorah’ to see her live!
I was 8th in line of about 20-30 people, and sooner did I blink after they talked to us about what to do/what not to — I was up the ramp and around the corner to say hi to her.
She was so lovely. She had her hair half up and down, soft-almost-gold eye make up and a black & white mini dress that went up to her neck with some black stilettos on.
Turned the corner over the step & repeat and just said “Hi Britney!” very high energy with my New York accent and she reached out her hand and said “Hi sweetie what’s your name?” “Michael – it’s so nice to meet you, can I hug you real quick?” – and she said of course and really let me in which I thought was great. When we let go, she saw my necklace on my black tee shirt and just stops me (a David Yurman black diamond cross that was a gift from my folks) and she grabs it and goes “Wait this is the weirdest thing, I have the EXACT SAME necklace at home. I JUST got it out of my closet!” And I said “David Yurman?! Stop! Ugh, I love you Britney that’s awesome! – ok let’s do this!” And she laughed and grabbed me real close over my shoulder. I told her to have a great show and thanks for having me, and she said “you’re so welcome sweetie have a great night!”
I wasn’t expecting such a personal dialogue with her, and my whole “thank you for your music and being an inspiration to me”.. line went right out the window.
and that was it. Short and sweet but she was so personable and lively. AND ON FIRE on stage all night.

Nauja "Pepsi" reklama su Britney singlais

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Albumo "The Singles Collection" sėkmė Australijoje

Britney singlų rinkinys "The Singles Collection" gavo auksinio albumo sertifikatą Australijoje. Pardavimai sudaro daugiau nei 35 000 kopijų. Sveikinimai!

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Britney pasiekimai Spotify erdvėje

Britney Spears albumas "...Baby One More Time" turi jau daugiau nei 200 mln. perklausų Spotify erdvėje. Tai jau 4-asis atlikėjos albumas perkopęs šį skaičių.