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Pirmadieni laukia ypatinga Britney staigmena

Dar dvi stambios JAV radijo stotis "Z100 New York" ir "KIIS FM" savo Twitter profiliuose paskelbė žinutes, kuriuose skelbiama, kad pirmadieni sulauksime labai svarbaus pranešimo iš pačios Britney. Tuo tarpu San Francisko radijo stotis "997 NOW" pranešė, kad būtent pirmadieni ir pasirodys naujausias atlikėjos singlas. Laukti liko nedaug, kantraus savaitgalio.

Prasideda nauja Britney era?

Oficialus Britney parduotuvės Facebook profilis pasikeitė savo viršelio nuotrauką į naują, kuri skelbia, kad prasideda nauja Britney era! Ką manote? ‪#‎newerabegins‬

Nauja susitikimo su Britney istorija

Norime su jumis pasidalinti dar viena puikia susitikimo su Britney istorija, kuria patyrė Christopher Hall. Štai jo istorija:

"April 15th 2016 will forever be a special day to me.
I’ve been dreaming about this day since I was 13 years old. Now being 30 years old it was finally happening I was meeting the one person who has been through so much from me from being homeless, family issues and me being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
On the day of the meet and greet I grabbed a cab from Monte Carlo to Planet Hollywood just thinking of the moments that were going to happen and what I would experience. So I walked towards the area of the meet up and nobody was there. I started freaking out because I didn’t want to be first there for the meet and greet/tour. So I went to the guess store to buy a necklace and started freaking out in the store and I broke the credit card machine and the lady started laughing because I told her I was about to meet Britney.
So I walked back and people were there waiting. Everyone was looking at me and I am naturally shy and quiet when I don’t know people. One of the girls came up and started talking to me about the show and I told her its my third time seeing the show and its my first time meeting Britney. Security came and lined up and ushered us in. I quickly finished my drink because I was scared that someone would see me drinking.
We were inside and then Fe came over and welcome us. She told us that tonight was a great night to be there because they had hometown folks at the show. Britney’s mom best friend was in our group and we all waived and Bryans best friend as well. Then all of sudden Fe was like and “ look who’s Britney’s mother”. My heart stopped I was like holy shit there is Lynne Spears. She welcome us to the show and went about what she was doing.
Fe started going over the facts about the show and etc. And we start walking on the stage. This for me meant a lot I’ve always wanted to be able to look and touch the stage and kinda did the “Britney Skip” on the catwalk. The view is incredible and you can honestly see everyones faces in the crowd. So went behind the curtain to see the props. This is where I started to feel like a “complete goofball/nerd”. Fe started talking about the Guitar prop but she forgot what song it was used for during The Femme Fatale Tour, without thinking of hestitating I said, “Burning Up by Madonna” after Baby/S&M. She smiled and looked at me and said “Oh my gosh you are right. Everyone just started to look at me like how in the hell did he know that and I felt immediately embarrassed.

Britney džiaugiasi gerbėjos padovanotu pakabuku

Britney gerbėja Jasmine Mackin susitikimo su Britney metu, padovanojo jai kaklo papuošalą, ant kurio išgraviruota "I Fucking Love You". Stebėdami Britney nuotraukas, bei asmenukes, pastebėjom, kad jau trys savaites atlikėja džiaugiasi šia dovana ir nesigėdydama nešioja savo gerbėjos dovaną. Štai trumpa Jasmine istorija:

"Meeting Britney is something I’ve dreamed of since 1999! I’ve seen every tour and have seen her Vegas show 6 times and I realized it was finally time to do this! So the day of the meet n greet I was standing in line waiting for security to bring us in the venue for our backstage tour with Fe. I was with 5 friends from the Addicts group and Anthony from Britney-Galaxy so that made the experience even better! I honestly don’t remember much from the tour because I was so nervous to just meet B. I do remember going up to the wardrobe room and she was showing us some costumes from other tours including the one from the circus tour for breathe on me with the nipple tassels . Fe was not a fan of that one haha. At the end of the tour I told Fe I loved her in Chaotic. She laughed and said she’s actually never see it. I told her I loved it and still watch it all the time. Fe is amazing and makes you feel so comfortable. I felt like I’ve known her forever. After the tour I gave Fe a bag of gifts for Britney. My favorite was a necklace that says “I Fucking love you” When it was my turn to meet Britney I walked up, forgot to introduce myself and just said hi. She said she liked my dress. I didn’t even say thank you I just looked at her and said “I love you” lol. I kind of froze up because she looked so amazing and I couldn’t believe the moment was real! I didn’t even notice that she was wearing my necklace until I turned to take the picture and I saw it out of the corner of my eye and I was like “Wait omg I got that for you!” Britney said “You got this for me?! Thanks, I fucking love you!” I was freaking out inside and that’s why my smile looks the way it does in the photo because that was literally right after she said that to me! Then I didn’t know what to do. There were so many things I meant to say but blanked out so I showed her my dice tattoo and told her that I got this last time I was in Vegas and she showed me hers. Then I said good luck tonight and tried to walk the wrong way off the stage and I turned around and left. Even though I didn’t get to say much I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I felt like she was truly happy to be there meeting her fans and that made it all worth it. I would definitely do it again! By the way she is still wearing the necklace almost 3 weeks later and I could not be any happier!!!! Thank you Britney-Galaxy.com for featuring my story!! I fucking love you Britney!"

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Balandžio 28d. - Britney lankosi šokių studijoje Los Andžele

Labai svarbus Britney pranešimas

Ką gi, pranešimai plaukia iš visų įmanomų pusių. Pasirodo, kad jau pirmadieni mes sulauksime labai svarbaus pranešimo kas nudžiugins visą Britney Army gaują. Anot "Las Vegas Sun" straipsnių autoriaus Robin Leach, "Billboard Music Awards" pirmadieni planuoja pranešti labai svarbų pranešimą, kuris begalo pamalonins visus Britney gerbėjus. Nėra jokios informacijos su kuo tai susiję, bet nesunkiai galime suvesti, kad tai gali būti naujo singlo paskelbimas arba pasirodymas apdovanojimų ceremonijoje. Laukti liko visai nedaug!

"Expect a big announcement Monday from Billboard Music Awards producers that will make you all happy. I know what’s coming but am sworn to secrecy until then. Britney’s fans will be very happy, and our scoops do come true."

Instagram: Nauji Britney pranešimai

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Forbes: Naujas Britney singlas pasirodys geguže

Atrodo, kad karščiausias šių metų mėnesis bus gegužė. Anot žurnalo "Forbes" straipsnių autoriaus Hugh Mclntyre, naujasis Britney singlas pasirodys jau gegužės mėnesio pabaigoje. Štai, ką jis rašo:

"While a release from Britney hasn’t been officially confirmed, several people connected to the pop singer have revealed to me that such a project is almost complete, and the timeline thus far has the first single debuting sometime in May, with an album following a month or so later."

Twitter: Britney palinkėjo sėkmės Lionel Richie

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Naujas Britney singlas jau labai greitai

Atrodo, kad Robin Leach buvo teisus kalbėdamas apie būsimą Britney singlą. Radijo stoties 106.9 FM vedėjas Jesse Reynolds savo Twitter profilyje paskelbė žinutę, kurioje teigia, kad jis turi patvirtintos informacijos tiesiai iš Sony. Naujas Britney singlas pasirodys gerokai po mėnesio.

Nerealus Britney dainų remiksas

Twitter: Britney pasidalino nauja asmenuke

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Ally Brooke prakalbo apie Britney koncertą

"Fifth Harmony" grupės narė Ally Brooke naujausiame savo interviu "Latina" blogui, papasakojo apie savo patirtį stebint nepakartojamą Britney "Piece Of Me" koncertą:

So we saw that you and the other girls besides Camila got caught up with Britney Spears, what was that like for you? 

Oh my god, she was incredible. To actually get personal time with her and to see her show was unbelievable. She was so nice. She was excited that we went to see her like ‘Britney Spears was excited that we went.’ That was something that I can’t really fathom because she’s an icon. She was so sweet and loved that we were there. Her show was literally so much fun and it was by far one of the funnest nights the girls and I ever had honestly. 

Is there a chance you guys would ever collaborate with her? 

I hope so! We finished our album but I hope for the future we’ll be able to collaborate with her because that would be incredible.

Britney žaidimas "American Dream" jau visai greitai

Geros žinios tiems, kurie mėgsta žaisti žaidimus savo išmaniuosiuose telefonuose. Pirmasis Britney vardo žaidimas "American Dream" jau greitai bus pasiekiamas visiems pasaulio gerbėjams. Prieš kelis mėnesius pasirodė beta žaidimo versija, kuri buvo skirta testavimui ir klaidų pašalinimui. Oficialus "Britney Spears American Dream" Twitter profilis paskelbė, kad žaidimas pasirodys visai greitai. Laukiam!

Instagram: Britney pasidalino berniukų nuotrauka

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Instagram: Britney pasidalino nauju vaizdo įrašu

Atnaujintas "Billboard Social 50" topas

Šios savaitės atnaujintame "Billboard Social 50" tope Britney šokteli net 13-ą pozicijų aukštyn ir užima #22 vietą. Šis topas sudaromas remiantis atlikėjų populiarumu socialiniuose tinkluose ir jo minėjimu straipsniuose. Galime pasidžiaugti puikiais rezultatais.

Įspūdingiausias "MTV VMA" apdovanojimų ceremonijos pasirodymas

Daugiau nei trys dešimtmečius "MTV VMA" apdovanojimų ceremonija išliko vienas laukiamiausių metų įvykiu. Kuomet garsiausios pasaulio garsenybės šių apdovanojimų scenoje sukurdavo legendinius pasirodymus, apie kuriuos kalbama dar ir šiandien. Muzikos tinklapis "MTV" siūlo išrinkti pati įspūdingiausia ceremonijos pasirodymą vykusi Niujorke. Britney pateikta net su dviem pasirodymais:

1. Madonna, Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera Make Out (2003) - 35% balsų. 
2. Britney Is A Slave 4 U And Her Snake (2001) - 10% balsų.

Balsuoti galite šiame puslapyje. Primenu, kad šiais metais apdovanojimai įvyks rugpjūčio 28 diena Niujorke.

Susitikimo su Britney istorija

Jūsų dėmesiui dar viena nauja susitikimo su Britney istorija. Ja su mumis dalinasi atlikėjos gerbėja Marlene Amasser:

"Hi, I’m Marlene, I am a 22 year old from Austria. The meet and greet took place on the 6th April 2016 and it was my second one. My first one was on the 14th February 2015. 
Meeting Britney was a childhood dream of mine. Ever since 1999 (I was 6 years old) when I heard BOMT, I was an immediate fan and fell in love with Britney.From this very moment I told my mom that I wan to meet her one day!! 
I do not love Britney for only her music and her voice, I love her because she is just like us. The only difference is that she is one of the biggest pop stars on the planet. It is amazing how relatable she is. 
Now, back to the 6th April: I am here again with 2 of my friends (both are not Britney fans), we had come a long way to see Britney, the flight from Austria is 14 hours! I wore a beautiful rose coloured dress with glitter stones, that I purchased for the meet, I had styled my hair and my make up was from Original Diva in Las Vegas, I wanted to look my best for Britney. I was really nervous the whole day. Then, finally the clock struck 18:30 and it was time for the backstage tour with the beautiful, lovely FE. 
It was so cool to see the Backstage tour again. Eventually, it was tome, it was 20:30 and I was waiting in a line to meet Britney….. 
My heart was beating wildly and I was almost in tears, I could not breathe, OMG, I was up next! Then the moment happened again BRITNEY FUCKING SPEARS was standing in front of ME and she looked sooooo beautiful! 
My mind was all over the place and I was thinking: Come on Marlene, show her your 4 brit inspired tattoos (I was too shy to show them to her last year) 
I said, ‘Hi Birtney I’m from Austria,’ and then showed her my tattoos. She replied with, ‘OMG, you’re so sweet, that’s awesome.’ I think she was almost crying, her eyes was shining and she was smiling. I think she said so much more but, it was like a dream, I could not focus, It was like it was not real. I asked her if we could hold hands in the photo!! 
Before I left the stage her manager, Larry Rudolph, wanted to see my tattoos too! This was so cool, he liked them too. 
When it was all over, I was soooo fucking happy, I cried. I cannot describe the feeling. The show was EPIC and Britney was STRONGER THAN YESTERDAY! 
I also went to the show on the 8th April (standing area). 
So this was my story. Can’t wait to go back to Vegas and meet Brit again in 2017! I would also like to say that I love the Barmy and I feel like we are one big family. Thank you Britney-Galaxy and Anthony for featuring my story!!"

"Piece Of Me" koncerto pasirodymų santrauka

Nuostabus Britney gerbėjas slapyvardžiu Luminous sukūrė neįtikėtina "Piece Of Me" koncerto pasirodymų vaizdo medžiagą, surinkęs geriausius Britney pasirodymus. Malonaus žiūrėjimo!

2016 m. balandžio 25 d., pirmadienis

Instagram: Britney pasidalino sūnaus vaizdo įrašu

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Naujausia "Billboard Music Awards 2016" reklama

Selena Gomez prakalbo apie meilę Britney

Naujausiame interviu su tinklapiu "4Music" atlikėja Selena Gomez prakalbo apie savo begalinę meilę pop muzikos princesei Britney. Vaizdo įrašą žiūrėkite nuo 2:35 min.

Naujas Britney gerbėjo Neemz sukurtas remiksas

5-asis remikso "Till The World Ends" gimtadienis

Lygiai prieš 5-is metus buvo išleistas singlo "Till The World Ends" remiksas įrašytas kartu su Kesha ir Nicki Minaj. Singlas jau tada buvo susilaukęs puikios komercinės sėkmės, tačiau buvo išreikštas noras įrašyti būtent tokia dainos versija, kuri vėliau buvo naudota "Femme Fatale" koncertinio turo metu.

12-asis filmo "Brave New Girl" gimtadienis

Lygiai prieš 12-ą metų pasaulį išvydo filmas "Brave New Girl", kurio siužetas yra paremtas Britney ir jos mamos Lynne parašyta knygą "A Mother's Gift". Nors vėliau siužetas buvo ganėtinai stipriai pakeistas, tačiau abi moterys ir toliau išliko filmo prodiuserėmis.

Ypatinga susitikimo su Britney istorija

Jūsų dėmesiui, nauja ir labai ypatinga Britney gerbėjos Jordan susitikimo istorija. Šiai merginai yra diagnozuotas dauno sindromas, bei Moyamoya liga. Svajonių išpildimo organizacijos "Do It For The Love" dėka merginai pavyko susitikti su savo dievaite bei sudalyvauti jos koncerte:

"First, I want to say how amazingly kind Britney Spears staff was to my daughter. I also want to thank Britney-Galaxy.com for featuring our story! It set the entire tone for the evening. When we arrived at the meet and greet, we were met by a lady and greeted by name. A nice guy named named Ron ( from security, I think), told the group we were with all of the rules for meeting Britney Spears. Jordan was pretty overwhelmed, and worried because she wouldn’t remember the rules. I think Ron saw us talking, because he didn’t make Jordan and I go through the body scan with the wand. (thank you, Ron!!). We were led through the building and out the back, where Ron went over more rules, and how the meet and greet would work. He introduced the group to Fe, this wonderful woman who told us what to expect when meeting Britney Spears. When she finished talking to us, Jordan asked her for a hug. Fe was awesome! She got a big ol Jordan hug, and talked with Jordan for a few minutes. Then she offered to let Jordan sit in this old ratty chair, because Jordan was starting to get tired by this time. Jordan settled into that old chair and felt important, because Fe made her FEEL like she was important. As we waited our turn to go inside and meet Britney, Jordan did what she does best, and befriended another guy (I think also from security), named George. Jordan and George, talked, hugged and posed for a picture (so that she could remember her new friend), before we were ready to go meet Britney Spears. A few of the dancers also stopped and wished Jordan a good time at the concert.
Jordan & I went inside. When it was finally her turn, we went up a ramp onto an area set up to take a picture with Britney Spears. Jordan walked up, saw Britney, and her entire face lit up like it was Christmas. Jordan walked over, and Britney said hi to her and asked her what her name was. Jordan told her her name, and very quietly asked if she could have a hug. Britney Spears was so sweet to Jordan! I told Britney that meeting her and seeing her in concert was Jordan’s wish. (She was unaware of this). Jordan and I posed for the picture with her, and that was that! Jordan walked out of there smiling and so happy!!
I know this is much longer than you were probably anticipating, But I wanted to add in how wonderful and considerate Britney Spears’ staff was to Jordan. Britney Spears was of course the highlight of the night, but her staff made Jordan comfortable enough that she could actually ENJOY the experience, without being overwhelmed."

2016 m. balandžio 24 d., sekmadienis

Demi Moore vaizdo įrašas apie "Piece Of Me" koncertą

100-as įtakingiausių muzikos atstovų kostiumų

"The Rock and Pop Fashion Hall of Fame" paskelbė 100-ką pačių įtakingiausių muzikos atstovų įvaizdžių, kurie pakeitė pasaulį. Tope Britney paminėta net trys kartus su savo legendiniais kostiumais: "Babu One More Time", "Oops!... I Did It Again" ir "Toxic". Plačiau pasidomėti galite šiame puslapyje.

Su Britney Spears vardo diena!

Dar tolimais 1993 metais Kentwood mieste, Luizianoje balandžio 24 diena oficialiai paskelbta Britney Spears vardo diena. Sveikinimai!

Twitter: Britney trumpam atsisveikina su Las Vegasu

Profesionalus "Piece Of Me" koncerto vaizdo įrašas

Žurnalo "Vogue" fotografas German Larkin pasidalino profesionaliu "Piece Of Me" koncerto vaizdo įrašu, kuriame užfiksuota puikiai koncerte leidžianti laiką aktorė Demi Moore:

2016 m. balandžio 23 d., šeštadienis

Twitter: "BBC Radio 1" palinkėjo Britney geros dienos

Britney žurnalo "OK! Magazine" viršelyje

Šimtas penkiasdešimt antras "Piece Of Me" koncertas Las Vegase

Vakar, balandžio 22 diena įvyko paskutinis pavasarinės dalies "Piece Of Me" koncertas Planet Hollywood komplekse. Taip pat vakarykštis koncertas buvo pilnai išpirktas. Koncerte apsilankė aktorė Demi Moore. Dabar Britney turės 8-ių savaičių pertrauką iki pat birželio 17 dienos. Gero poilsio ir laukiame naujos muzikos! Daugiau nuotraukų ir vaizdo medžiagos rasite šiame puslapyje.

Susitikimo su Britney istorija

Jūsų dėmesiui nauja Britney gerbėjos Rachel Schell susitikimo su pop muzikos princese istorija:

"met Britney Spears for the third time on April 13th, 2016! I still had a bit of nerves meeting her, but I was much more calm this time around 🙂 
I had done costumes for my previous two photos, so this time I went with a simple two piece pale pink and sparkly dress! I picked it bc it reminded me of a dress she would wear performing ‘Everytime’. 
I went almost last, with my best friend being the only person right behind me. I walked around the corner feeling super confident, and then I forgot to introduce myself! LOL! The main reason why I forgot was because Britney lit up when I walked around the corner, like she recognized me! (fingers crossed haha). 
I thanked her for the handwritten card she sent me with show tickets, and told her I would be back in August. She told me she was glad I liked the card and she was happy I was coming back! I then told her thank you, for everything. I explained to her that I couldn’t put it into words, but that she should just know she has gotten me through a LOT in life. I also told her that her faith inspires me. She smiled and made a cute face and said “I’m so glad I could help you”. 
I then showed her my “not alone” tattoo for Alien that I have behind my ear, and told her what that song meant to me. She loved it! For our pic, I didn’t a pose in mind, so Brit pulled me close, and it turned out great! I am SO happy with my experience once again, and I CAN’T WAIT to do it again! 
They say don’t meet your heroes, but mine is amazing and I’m so glad I did. 🙂 
Special shout out to Fe, who always makes me feel calm and is so sweet! Thank you, Fe! 🙂"

2016 m. balandžio 22 d., penktadienis

Geriausias XXI amžiaus albumas

Tinklapis "Digitalspy" savo skaitytojų klausia: "Kuris XXI amžiaus albumas yra geriausias?". Balsavime dalyvauja net 43 muzikiniai albumai iš įvairiausių muzikinių stilių, kurie buvo patys sėkmingiausi ir buvo parduoti milijoniniais tiražais.
Šiuo metu antrasis Britney albumas "Oops!... I Did It Again" užima #1 vietą. Balsuoti galite šiame puslapyje.

Paskutinis "Piece Of Me" koncertas Las Vegase

Šiandien įvyks paskutinis pavasario serijos "Piece Of Me" koncertas Las Vegase. Parduoti beveik visi bilietai, net 4 600 žmonių linksminsis neįtikėtiname koncerte. Po šio koncerto Britney turės beveik dviejų mėnesių pertrauką ir sugrįš jau birželio 17 diena.

Britney šokėjai dalinasi paslaptingomis žinutėmis

Britney šokėjas Willie Gomez savo Twitter profilyje paskelbė žinutę, kurioje rašo, kad nekantriai laukia gegužės mėnesio, nors atlikėja į Las Vegasą sugrįžtą tik birželio 17 diena. Įdomu.

Taip pat dar vienas Britney šokėjas Brandon Bryant savo Instagram profilyje pasidalino žinute, kurioje užsimena apie atlikėjos sugrįžimą:

Britney singlo "Break The Ice" remiksas

Twitter: Britney liūdi dėl Prince netekties

2016 m. balandžio 21 d., ketvirtadienis

Šimtas penkiasdešimt pirmas "Piece Of Me" koncertas Las Vegase

Vakar, balandžio 20 diena įvyko priešpaskutinis pavasario serijos "Piece Of Me" koncertas Planet Hollywood arenoje. Daugiau nuotraukų ir vaizdo medžiagos rasite šiame puslapyje.

Fifth Harmony apsilankė Britney koncerte

Merginų grupė "Fifth Harmony" apsilankė vakarykščiame Britney "Piece Of Me" koncerte Las Vegase. Primenu, kad dar 2012 metais Britney buvo "X Factor" teisėja, kuomet ir susibūrė merginų grupė.

Vaikinas pasipiršo draugei Britney akivaizdoje

Balandžio 13 dienos "Piece Of Me" koncerto metu nutiko labai džiugus įvykis. Susitikimo su Britney metu vaikinas pasipiršo savo draugei pačios Britney akivaizdoje. Jis išgirdo lemtingąjį "taip". Štai jų istorija:

"So, 9 years ago I had asked Courtney if she was a Britney fan as I had heard there was an impromptu show at the house of blues and Britney was performing under the name “m&m’s”. She said she was so I got some 20$ tix on Craigslist and away we went. Prior to the show I was approached by a couple people asking if I wanted to be apart of the show. I said yes and was escorted backstage but courtney wasn’t allowed to come with me. I was brought up during the show and Britney gave me a lap dance and basically solidified mine and Courtney’s relationship as I believe she may have fallen for me because of all that. Hahaha. Fast forward 9 years nearly to the day and for about 18 months prior I had worked on the proposal. I used every contact I had to try and reach Britney’s camp and sure enough the last one worked. “I’m refraining from using their name as I don’t want everyone thinking they can go through them to reach Britney.” My contact reached out to all of Britney’s managers and they were on-board and basically said “this has to happen!” The day of I gathered all her makeup, a dress, shoes, etc and packed enough for a couple days as we had a staycation at the cosmopolitan that she didn’t know about at all. I told her we were posing as dessert tasters at a conference that was going on at PH.
ANYWAY, we got there and they had it all set up for us as they ushered us past everyone and out to the rest of the meet n greet people so fast that courtney didn’t have any time to even register what was going on until about 5 mins prior to meeting Ms. Spears. Right before we met her I asked courtney what she was gonna say. She said that she was gonna tell Brit that she’s given me a lap dance 9 years ago etc. so after she told her that Britney smiled and winked at me and I got down on one knee and asked “so I’m asking you in front of our friend Britney here. Will you be my wife forever?”
Courtney started to shake and cry and smile etc… She stuck her hand out but kept looking at Britney then back at the ring. Britney then the ring. Finally I asked again “so what do you think?? Want me to put it on you or what!?” That’s when Britney laughed really hard out loud as did we all. She said yes and I placed it on her finger as everyone cheered us on. I couldn’t of asked for a better outcome. Everyone inside of Britney’s camp was phenomenal. From Fe, to her day to day manager Flo that I was coordinating with. To the other on-site managers to even Larry Rudolph himself. Afterwards Fe presented us with multiple photos of the proposal that courtney can’t stop staring at. Seriously she checks them like every 5 minutes still. Haha. So that’s why I did it like this. From first date to proposal. 9 years goes by fast. But I’m lucky enough to get to spend everyday with courtney and lucky enough that Britney and her staff are some of the kindest people I’ve ever met. Thank you very much Britney-galaxy.com for letting us feature this story and share it with the entire Britney Army!"

Instagram: linksmas Britney vaizdo įrašas

A video posted by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

Twitter: Britney dalinasi gyvenimo akimirkomis

2016 m. balandžio 19 d., antradienis

Nauja informacija apie Britney singlą

Laikraščio "Las Vegas Sun" žurnalistas Robin Leach patvirtina savo žodžius ir tikina, kad Britney tikrai šiandien ir rytoj filmuoja naują vaizdo klipą. Beje, pasirodė kalbos, kad naujas albumas vadinsis "TRAP". Greitu metu viską sužinosime!

Britney gerbėjo istorija tiesiai iš Las Vegaso

Jūsų dėmesiui nauja Britney gerbėjo Anthony susitikimo su pop muzikos princese istorija:

"The first show I attended that week was Wednesday, April 13th. It was the day Britney requested to meet me and I was totally freaking out. I was so nervous and needed to calm down. i needed to get my mind off all the excitement so decided to go for lunch with Fe (Felicia), it was SO good seeing her. We went to a nice restaurant in Vegas, the food was delicious and we spoke for hours, it was such a great evening. I asked Felicia if we could interview her for Britney-Galaxy readers and she said “OF COURSE!” Make sure to look out for the interview which will feature on our site soon.
The day of the show finally came and I was very excited to see Britney. I headed over to the Axis theatre were Felicia was waiting for me to give me my wrist band for the MG and also for the backstage tour. The backstage tour was AWESOME and Felicia really changed a lot of stuff from last year. If you have done the backstage tour before, my advice is do it again, because Felicia has really changed things up! When the backstage tour finished we all went to get ready for our meet and greet. There were about 30 of us waiting to meet Britney. Felicia was going over some rules and when she was done Fe said “Anthony Britney wants you to be last.” At this moment I turned bright red and people started staring at me! LOL! So…… while I was waiting, the flawless Willie Gomez came down and we were so happy to see each other! Willie has been such a huge supporter of BG and it was nice to catch up with him.
My friends were all meeting Britney at the same time and watching them come out with the biggest smile on there faces was priceless, I was so happy for them. Finally my turn came to see Britney, By this point, I was actually (surprisingly) really calm. I turned around the corner and there was Britney, when she saw me she had the BIGGEST smile on her face. I can’t even begin to explain how she lit up when she saw me, its like she saw her favorite Starbucks drink coming towards her, LOL. I took out my hand and I said “Hey Britney, I hope you know who I am, I help run Britney-Galaxy.Com,” she said, “Yes I remember you! I really appreciate everything”! She then continued, ”I love the gifts you gave me, they were very adorable, I appreciate it very much Anthony” and I said “I am glad you like them Britney and thank you SO much for my birthday card”. Britney said ” I am so glad you got your birthday card, I wanted to do something very special for you” and I had the biggest smile on my face. I said to her “I called your mom freaking out when you send me the birthday card and she was like “I knew she was going to send you one”.” (Then she started laughing). Then I asked Britney if we can do a really special pose and she was SO down for it. I asked her if Felicia can be in it and she said absolutely. Felicia came running up and Britney said “YAH Fe is in the picture too, this is going to be a fun one”. I told Felicia what I wanted to do and then she was ready. Then Britney put her arm on my shoulder, like it was NO big deal at all. We snapped the picture and she said “Yah!”. I said to Britney “I really hope Britney-Galaxy makes you smile, it’s always going to be positive and supporting you no matter what, Britney” and Britney said ” Thank you so much Anthony, everything you all do makes me smile very much, thank you”. Then I asked her for a hug after that and she said “of course” and we hugged. Then I walked away and I shook Larry’s hand and he said “Thank you for everything”.
I was so pumped and excited because I am seeing the Queen of all queens, the one and only that can destroy everyone’s faves. The show was incredible, the Instagram videos don’t do the show any justice. It is even more amazing seeing Britney perform on stage. Britney’s facial expressions, her energy, her comfort on stage, her spark, her talent, her attitude, her dancing and her just being Britney Bitch. Everything was on point. Her dancers are freaking amazing, the band is incredible, the new lasers they added to the show are incredible, just the whole revamped show is amazing and you all need to get your asses to Vegas to see it. I want to reiterate, THE VIDEOS DON’T DO THE SHOW ANY JUSTICE! I did record some videos for you all and posted them on our youtube channel, make sure to check them out:"

Twitter: Britney pasidalino naujomis nuotraukomis

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Meghan Trainor: Britney yra mano karalienė

Naujausiame savo interviu su "Fuse", atlikėja Meghan Trainor ir vėl išreiškė didelę ir begalinę meilę mūsų Britney. Atlikėja atviravo apie tai, kad nuo pat vaikystės yra didelė Britney gerbėja:

We’re both ‘90s babies, which is probably why I can’t stop bumping to “Nø.” What were your favorite moments from that era? 
My family wasn’t into every award show, but I would make sure we popped it on when Britney was on! She was my queen, and Christina Aguilera too. *NYSNC was huge for our family. My brothers would dance in front of the TV just to be like them, and I would sit there and laugh because I was too embarrassed to dance. I swear I learned how to harmonize because of *NSYNC. I remember singing along with my headphones on and my brothers would be like, “You’re singing it wrong!”

I wrote an article last month about this awesome “Nø” mash-up with Britney Spears’ “Overprotected.” Have you seen it? 
Of course, I’ve been bumping it. I love it! I freaked out when I saw it, that’s like my dream. God, I want to meet her so bad and just tell her that she’s my everything.

Gandai apie Britney singlą "Make Me (Oooh)"

Šiuo metu internete sklando daugybė kalbų apie būsimą Britney Spears singlą "Make Me (Oooh)". Vienintelis faktas, kuri mes žinome, kad šiandien atlikėja pradės filmuoti vaizdo klipą. Tikimės, kad greitu metu sulauksime tai patvirtinančių nuotraukų. 

Singlo "Toxic" pasirodymas laidoje "Lip Sync Battle"

Aktorius Clark Gregg laidos "Lip Sync Battle" metu atliko legendinį Britney singlą "Toxic". Ką manote?

Balandžio 17d. - Britney apsipirkinėja Los Andžele