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Susitikimas su Britney Helovyno koncerte

Praėjusių metų #Britneyween Helovyno kostiumo nugalėtoja "Piece Of Me" koncerto metu Michaela Weeks pasidalino savo istorija bei neįtikėtinu laimėjimu. Istorija tiesiai iš jaunos merginos lūpų:

"It was Halloween 2014 and I was in Las Vegas with my soon to be husband! I had booked to go and see Britneys Piece of me show on November 1st as a pre-wedding mini hen gift to myself!  Being in Vegas for Halloween I had decided I was going to go out dressed as Britney in her iconic blue air hostess dress from the music video for Toxic! I was so excited when I heard Britney was running a Halloween competition called BritneyWeen! Me and my boyfriend decided to start our night at Planet Hollywood so we could see everyone dressed up in Britney costumes before they went in to the show! It was amazing! As fans queued for the doors to open there were school girls, police officers, ringleaders and all sorts of awesome outfits, I was flattered when people came and asked to have a photo with me, “your bound to win the contest!” One lovely girl said to me “Thats so kind! Thank you, but I’m not even going to see the show tonight, so I can’t enter!” I replied feeling gutted! The atmosphere was so energetic and I was bursting to go and see Brit Brit!! “Do you want to get tickets to go to the show tonight?” Craig (my boyfriend) asked me! “I’d LOVE to, but we can’t afford it, I’m already going to see the show tomorrow…” I trailed off… Knowing how much I was bursting to go into the theatre… “Although I did win $100 today in the casino…” – my lucky day or what!? “We could get some cheaper tickets, like ones right at the back?” I started to convince myself!!! Craig was really relaxed about the whole thing and said “Look were on Holiday! Let’s enjoy ourselves! I know how much you wanna go tonight, let’s just do it!” (He obviously wanted to see the show too, hey!!! ;)) so we bought tickets and joined the queue, I was so excited!

As we walked into the theatre I could see Britneys costumes in their glass cases and I was dying to run down and take some photos up close, but the steward pulled me to one side as she was scanning my ticket “You look so great! I’m going to upgrade your tickets to the pits!” Whaaaat!? That’s amazing, I was speechless “thank you so much” I said turning to Craig with a stunned look on my face!! We began to walk down the steps into the foyer when another lady came straight over “Hi, I’m the official show photographer, can I take your photo for the website?” Is this happening I thought to myself? So cool! She took some photos of me next to Britney’s actual toxic costume, and soon a crowd started to form in a circle around us… Fans were asking to take my photo too!! All I could think was “Wow, this is the biggest compliment ever, Britneys fans want a photo with me…!” Flattered much!!!

Then Britneys photographer came back over, Britneys dancers are over here, let me get a photo of you with them! “You look so much like Britney” one of them said to me after the photo! Wow! Britneys dancer thinks I look like her!! Cool!!

As myself and Craig went down to the pits, I was buzzing! I couldn’t believe how crazy that had just been, we got a free upgrade, I met Britneys dancers and her official photographer! I got talking to some other fans when a woman came over to me “Hi, I’m Britneys PA and You’ve won the BritneyWeen competition!” Was she being serious? She handed me the VIP tickets and showed us to our table in the VIP area “Britney hand-picked you as the winner herself! Congratulations!” She said as she turned to leave “Reallh?” I asked in disbelief! She nodded “…will you tell her I said thank you so much, and that this means so much to me!” She said she would and off she went! I turned to Craig who was stood wide eyed in disbelief!! “This is crazy!!” I said and gave him a huge hug!!! Just as I was trying to let the news sink in someone came up behind me and said “hi, I’m felicia…!” I turned round with my jaw on the floor and in the most geekish voice ever replied “oh my god! I know who you are… You don’t need to introduce yourself!!!” She smiled politely as I tried to compose myself!! “Can I take your photo?” She asked “Britney will freak out! You look so much like her!” She took my photo and I asked for one with her too, she gave me a great big hug and was so lovely and down to earth, I could have cried right at that moment!

Just then a gentleman came up behind me “Hello there, I have some friends id like to introduce to you… I’m…”, “BRITNEYS DAD!!!” I finished his sentence as he shook my hand!! He laughed and I asked if I could have a photo with him “Sure you can sweetheart! Come on up” he said in his southern accent! I went and had a photo and he shook my hand again and said “it’s lovely to meet you!” (I know right, lovely to meet ME!?)
A few minutes later Jamie returned, this time with Lynne and both Preston and Jayden in tow! I said hi to the boys who were so sweet and looked at me all shy as Lynne turned to them and said “doesn’t she look just like Mommy!?” The boys nodded sweetly!! I had a photo with Lynne, and just as she was walking away she turned to me and said “it’s unreal! You look so much like Britney!” I gasped and thanked her for the huge compliment!!!

I turned to Craig Once again in disbelief! “This is huge!” He said to me, knowing just how much this all meant to me “I’m so proud of you!” My heart melted! Am I dreaming right now? Did I really just meet Britneys dancers, her photographer, her PA, win the BritneyWeen competition and then meet Felicia, Britneys Mom and Dad and her two sons!?!?

As if things couldn’t get any better, Britneys PA returned with security beside her “Britney would like to have a photo with you…” By this point I was convinced it was all a dream and I was about to wake up… I thought about how much I wished my mum could have been with me, she had made my toxic costume and been there with me at every moment up until this point… Now my dreams were about to come true! I never imagined I would get the opportunity to meet Britney, and now in one crazy night I was heading backstage with her security to meet her and have a photo with her!!! I have watched Britney since she first hit the scene in 1999, I have followed everything just like most of you reading this have, and I never thought this would become a reality for me!

I waited patiently backstage, shaking like a leaf, ‘calm down, be cool!’ I told myself, Larry came over and introduced himself and said “Britney will be down in a minute!”
I looked around. Security were there, the photographer, Jamie was milling around along with a few other people! Just then out of nowhere Britney appeared, I had caught a glimpse of a few people coming down the stairs to my right but I hadn’t realised it was Britney until she was right next to me! (Idiot, I thought to myself!) “hi” she said with her perfect smile! She was wearing a pink wig and her black diamond one piece that she opened the show with, mic on and ready to go! “Oh hi” I said stunned “wow, you look incredible!” She said thank you and leant in for a photo! She smiled at me once more then headed toward the stage “have a great show!” I called after her and she turned and smiled again giving me a nod!!

We were escorted back to our seats and Britney slayed the stage as always!! The VIP seats were incredible and we had such an amazing time… All I could think was “is this real? Did this really just happen?”

Me and Craig went to a party after the show and people were still asking to have a photo with me when someone said “you look amazing in the photo with Britney! Your so lucky” Wait what!? “How have you seen the photo? I haven’t even seen the photo yet!?” I was so confused as he casually replied “yeah! Haven’t you seen? Britney has posted it on Twitter and Instagram!? She tagged you and everything!?”

I could not believe it!!! Before I’d met Britney I had doubts if would be a good idea, I adored her so much, what if she met me and said “your weird!” Or “We look nothing alike” etc… I’d have been crushed!! The whole experience has made me love our Brit so much more and I cannot believe how down to earth and genuine she and her entire team are! I really believe the Britney Army are the luckiest fanbase around! Our Queen rocks!!! Thank you Anthony and Britney-Galaxy for letting me feature this story to you! Xoxo"

Britney ir Celine Dion kovoja dėl Las Vegaso?

Praeita mėnesi Britney oficialiai paskelbė apie "Piece Of Me" koncertų pratęsimą iki 2017 metų. Tačiau ar tai buvo geras sprendimas? "Fox News" šaltiniai žiūri labai skeptiškai, kadangi šiuo metu Las Vegase vyksta tikra moterų dvikova. Rugpjūčio mėnesi Celine Dion sugrįžo į Las Vegasą su naujais savo koncertais, kurie tęsis iki 2016 metų vidurio. Kolkas sėkmė šypsosi Celine dion, jos koncertai pasižymi 100% perkamumu, tuo tarpu mūsų Britney tik apie 70%. Štai, apie ką kalbama straipsnyje:

"Britney got off to a really good start, but her fans aren’t particularly Vegas people,” said one source. “It’s hard to keep people interested in an act like Britney Spears since she’s a 1990s, 2000s pop star. That fan base doesn’t really come to Vegas to see shows.” These days, “They’re there for the EDM scene and DJs.” Another alleged insider told Page Six, “[Spears’ ticket sales] have nothing to do with Céline. Acts like Céline and Elton John have had adult fans for many years and they go to Vegas to see them regularly. Britney’s fans are young adults who grew up with her as little girls. How many times do they [go to] Vegas?” They added, “she can fill arenas, but a residency is another beast. A residency is different from a worldwide tour. Those seats have to be filled every night, and that’s difficult to do with a younger fan base.” We’re not sure shows get renewed for two more years if it’s underperforming, ya dig?"

Šimtas dvidešimtas "Piece Of Me" koncertas Las Vegase

Vakar, spalio 30 diena įvyko naujas "Piece Of Me" koncertas Planet Hollywood komplekse. Britney ir vėl parodė geriausią energiją bei atliko karščiausius savo hitus. Sekantis koncertas laukia šiandien - Helovynas. Kaip manote koks bus atlikėjos kostiumas?
Daugiau nuotraukų ir video medžiagos iš šiandienos koncerto rasite šiame puslapyje.

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Nauja Britney Instagram nuotrauka

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Britney pranešė apie naujo albumo įrašymą

Šiandien Britney sudrebino visų mūsų širdis visiškai netikėtu pranešimų Twitter profilyje. Atlikėja pranešė, kad dirba ties nauju albumu ir užbaigė vienos dainos įrašą. Žinutėje buvo paryškinti trys žodžiai, kurie galimai yra būtent tos dainos pavadinimas - JUST LOVE ME. Dar labiau laukiame naujos Britney muzikos!

6-asis singlo "3" vaizdo klipo gimtadienis

Lygiai prieš 6-ius metus pasaulį išvydo singlo "3" vaizdo klipas. Pats singlas susilaukė tikros komercinės sėkmės ir pateko į Billboard Hot 100 topo pirmąją vietą. Vaizdo klipas nufilmuotas 2009 metais Los Andžele. Šiuo metu VEVO kanale yra daugiau nei 50 mln. peržiūrų.

Prodiuseris Mischke dirbo kartu su Britney

Prodiuseris Mischke savo Twitter profilyje parašė žinutę, kurioje pranešė, kad prieš kelias dienas kartu su Britney dirbo įrašų studijoje ties nauju jos albumu. Mischke ankščiau dirbo kartu su Michael Jackson, Pussycat Dolls, Jennifer Lopez, Spice Girls ir kitais. 

Britney nori pamatyti jūsų Helovyno kostiumus

Britney bando visus įkvėpti Helovyno dvasios ir siūlo pasidalinti savo asmeniniais kostiumais. Tie, kuria parodys geriausius atlikėjos įkvėptus kostiumus gaus specialias dovanas. O tie, kurie lankysis jos "Piece Of Me" koncerte Helovyno vakarą ir ateis su įspūdingais kostiumais, gaus progą susitikti su pačia atlikėja.

Naujas Britney Twitter pranešimas

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Youtube žvaigždė apsilankė "Piece Of Me" koncerte

Didelės sėkmės susilaukusi Youtube žvaigždė Colleen Vlogs, taip pat žinoma, kaip Miranda Sings apsilankė Britney "Piece Of Me" koncerte Las Vegase. Video įraše ji dalinasi savo įspūdžiais:

Šimtas devynioliktas "Piece Of Me" koncertas Las Vegase

Vakar, spalio 28 diena įvyko naujas "Piece Of Me" koncertas Planet Hollywood komplekse. Koncerto metu Britney pademonstravo naują kostiumą - suknelę, kurią ji vilkėjo serialo "Jane The Virgin" filmavimo aikštelėje. Daugiau nuotraukų ir video medžiagos rasite šiame puslapyje.

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Britney gerbėjos susitikimo istorija

Jūsų dėmesiui nauja ir dar neskaityta Britney gerbėjos Armin Rasekhi susitikimo istorija:

Brief background: 

Hey y’all! My name is Armin and I’m 20 years old from Stockholm, Sweden.

First of all I want to start by saying I have been a HUGE fan of Britney Spears ever since I first saw her on my television when I was 3 years old. It’s funny how I still remember it but I really do. It all started when my sister was watching a taped version of MTV VMA’s 2001 on our VHS player. When I saw Britney performing on stage I just got this attraction. There was something in her eyes that made her sparkle in a unique way…

Fast forward 15 years of hardcore fandom later… As soon as I heard Britney launching her Vegas residency I just knew that this was something I had to do since I’m a dedicated die hard stan!

Arriving to fabulous Las Vegas:

I went to the box office in Planet Hollywood the same day as the show to get my VIP tickets and my M&G bracelet. When I got it I was super excited and realized this was the day my dream would come true! 

The Backstage Tour:

Everyone who was doing the backstage tour had to meet up at a certain spot at 6:30 PM. From there on we met several bodyguards who took us inside the lobby area of The Axis Theatre where we met Britney’s BFF and lifetime assistant FE! She is truly the sweetest person ever and we really clicked with each other from day one. She told us all the cool details and amazing facts about the show and production and how everything works. We walked on the stage where Britney performs! I felt so alive and just looked out to the empty seats and embraced the moment! I had the same view that Britney and her dancers have while performing on the stage! It was a magical feeling!

We then got to go to the dressing room where all of Britney’s outfits were! It was so cool too see all the outfits Britney wears on stage! And the coolest part is that I got to touch some outfits and even got to hold the iconic BBMA opening outfit! One thing is for sure! She is SO tiny! Her outfits were so little I’m not kidding!! I could stretch them out but it was just so hard to believe she was that tiny, and Fe was like “Yep, that’s all her, that’s Britney”. Everyone was so amazed! I also saw the BOM/TOMH outfit from the Circus Tour. She has loads of unused stuff as well as hats, shoes, boots and sunglasses etc..

Before meeting the queen:

After the backstage tour we got a 15 minute break before we had to return to the theatre again. When we came back Fe told us we were going to be escorted outside of the the theatre where we would line up for the M&G’s. When we came outside, the desert heat hit my face and I suddenly realized we were at a parking area behind the stage. Here it was time to go backstage and line up for our pictures with Britney. Fe told us some simple rules and tips on how to have the best experience with our queen.

The dream meeting with Britney Spears:

I was the fourth last person in the line and I could see how fast the line was moving and started to get a little nervous. The people in our group were so nice and friendly and I got a hold of myself and pulled myself together and said I’m gonna do it. This is what I’ve been working for so hard for over a year to make happen.

My turn was coming up and the person before me finished up with Britney. I could see her shadow behind the white promo wall when the flashing lights come out of the camera. My heart started racing cuz I knew she is now standing there alone and waiting for me!

The bodyguard waved at me to come up the stairs, when I walked up to the stage I turned around and there was Britney, wearing tight blue jeans, a baby pink shirt and her hair pulled back tight in a high ponytailney wearing makeup and starring right in to my eyes! I was stunned for a moment cuz I was thinking to myself “my gosh this is the real deal!”

I walked up to her to shake her hand and said “Hi Britney, my name is Armin and I’m from Sweden and she said “Hi nice to meet you, oh cool I love Sweden!” I said “I just want to thank you for being my biggest inspiration in life and you motivate me every single day to move on with my life” and she said “Aw thank you that’s really sweet of you to say, I love your hair” I said “thank you I got it done for the show” and she said “how long did it take?” I was like “probably 5 hours” she said “JESUS! That’s a long time!!” I was like “Yeah I know”, then she leaned over to my chest, (I was dying) and she goes “You smell delightful” I said” well thank you, you do too, what fragrance are you wearing?” And she said “It’s..Uhm.. I don’t know” and we started giggling! I said “I bought my mom with me and we’re seeing the show again on Friday” she said “That’s so much fun! Do you want to take a picture?” I was like “Duuh, yes of course!” Then we leaned in to each other and my hair actually caught her face and she was like “Ooh” and I said “Omg sorry haha” she was like “it’s fine sweetie” then we took the picture and she said thank you for coming and hope you enjoy the show and I said can I get a hug and she said “ofc and we hugged each other and she was touching me and my face was in her hair! I was dying inside, she smelled like heaven vanilla!! I said “ kill it tonight” and she nodded and Larry and everyone around said bye!

This was legit the best experience of my life. I got to meet and have a small conversation with the one and only Britney Spears! How crazy is that?! I am so happy and can’t thank her team and Felicia enough for the unbelievable experience we had.

It’s because of Britney that I keep going on in life like a karate kid and never giving up on dreams. If you have a dream or a goal, never stop believing and work (bitch) to get what you want!

Thank you so much Anthony and Britney Galaxy.com for posting my M&G story and thank you Britney Army for taking your time and reading it! I love you all

– Armin Rasekhi

Little Mix myli Britney muziką

Merginų grupė "Little Mix" naujausiame savo interviu pasisakė apie Britney įrašyta singlą "Pretty Girls". Merginos pasakė tik puikius žodžius:

The collaboration between Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea on Pretty Girls was considered a flop, peaking at No16 in the UK chart and No29 in the US.

But co-writers Little Mix didn’t care, according to the girlband’s Perrie Edwards, 22.

She reveals: “I don’t give a crap who thinks it was a flop.

“Britney Spears sang our song. That’s not a flop to me.

“I feel like Britney is the only person who can get away with that line, ‘All around the world, pretty girls’.

“They absolutely smashed it. They owned it.”

Aw, we reckon Little Mix could totes get away with singing the same lines.

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Naujas Britney Instagram įrašas

A photo posted by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

Pirmoji Britney nuotrauka iš serialo "Jane The Virgin"

Pirmoji Britney Spears​ nuotrauka iš serialo "Jane The Virgin". Primenu, kad pilna seriją pamatysime jau Lapkričio 9d.!

"Piece Of Me" koncertų skaičiai

Billboard paskelbė pirmuosius skaičius apie jau įvykusius "Piece Of Me" koncertus. Trys koncertai įvykę spalio 14, 16 ir 17 dienomis pritraukė 10 439 žiūrovų, bei surinko 1 439 280 JAV dolerių. Sveikinimai Britney su sėkmingais koncertais!

Singlas "3" sugrįžo į Billboard topą

Britney singlas "3" po keleto metų išleidimo ir vėl sugrįžo į Billboard topą. Atnaujintame savaitės Dance/Electronic Streaming Songs tope singlas pateko į #16 vietą.

Nicole Scherzinger atlieka Britney singlą

Laidos "Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris" metu atlikėja Nicole Scherzinger atliko legendinį Britney singlą "Toxic". Pasižiūrėkite!

Senais gerais laikas merginų grupė "Pussycat Dolls" dalyvavo Britney pasauliniame ture "Circus".

Britney pasidalino savo asmenuke

Spalio 27d. - Britney lankosi įrašų studijoje

Britney pakvietė Adele į savo "Piece Of Me" koncertą

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Nebus singlo "Tom's Diner" vaizdo klipo?

Savaitės pabaigoje Los Andžele turėjo įvykti singlo "Tom's Diner" vaizdo klipo filmavimo darbai. Tačiau skelbiama, kad jie yra atidėti dėl finansinių problemų. Anot šaltinių Britney įrašų kompanija užsiprašė didelio honoraro, kurio be rėmėjų nėra įmanoma sumokėti. Jeigu nebus surastas bendras sprendimas, yra tikimybė, kad vaizdo klipas bus filmuojamas be pop muzikos žvaigždės.

Adele nori pamatyti "Piece Of Me" koncertą

Naujausiame interviu atlikėja Adele atskleidė, kad artimiausiuose jos planuose yra pamatyti Britney "Piece Of Me" koncertas Las Vegase. Trumpa intervių ištrauka:

Debiutinis Britney singlas nuskambėjo naujame zombių filme

Naujame JAV kino filme "Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse" vienos scenos metu buvo atliekamas debiutinis Britney singlas "Baby One More Time". Pasirodo net ir zombiai yra tikri pop princesės gerbėjai. Filmas kino teatruose pasirodys jau spalio 29 diena.

Adam Levine atlieka Britney hitą

Televizijos laidos "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" metu grupės "Maroon 5" lyderis Adam Levine atliko legendinį Britney singlą "Ooops!... I Did It Again". Įvertinkite!

Gerbėjo sukurta Britney produkcija

 Britney gerbėjas Nigel Cameron su visais mumis dalinasi atlikėjos vardo produkcijos idėja:

"I’m sharing this idea with you all because it’s really near to my heart. I’m hoping you love it because I created it with Britney, as well as all the fans, in mind.

A little about me, without boring you to tears…
I’m from Biloxi, MS and I create art that’s used for product designs. Everything I do is independent, no big company logos or brands on my resume (yet!). I’ve been pursuing this creative endeavor for 2 years now, after a long time of struggling with the “what is my purpose?” cloud hovering over my head. Some people in the Britney community online have seen some of my work and know that Britney is definitely my biggest inspiration (like 90% of the world, let’s be honest).

What’s special about this, though, is how it came to be and why I believe it should exist.

Being from Biloxi, I am only about 2 hours away from Kentwood, LA, aka the Mecca, Britney’s hometown. I’ve made the trip to Kentwood twice. Once in 2009, the day before opening night of the Circus tour in New Orleans (my first Britney concert). I went back in 2013 with a friend who traveled all the way from New York City to visit me and, of course, Kentwood.

During both trips I took tons of photos. Both times I couldn’t wait to see the “Welcome to Kentwood” sign. It’s truly a national treasure, I think we can all agree, because it also says “Home of Britney Spears.”

A few months after that trip in 2013 is when I started my journey of creative aspiration. That’s also when I started working on this piece. I looked back at my photos of the Kentwood sign, and I kept thinking of how important it was. That’s the place where it all began for Britney. I identify with this greatly because I’m also from a smaller, Southern area, and have big dreams.

I know that sign in Kentwood has been there for a long time. And I know so many fans aren’t able to see it for themselves. My goal was to breathe new life into the pride of Britney’s roots in a way that could be shared with everyone, including Britney. So, I took my photos and got to work (bitch).

I came up with several versions along the way and waited (impatiently) for myself to make it PERFECT. I haven’t been able to make the trip to Vegas yet. *moment of silence for the devastation* But, thanks to all the amazing fans I connect with online, I’ve been able to see pictures of the Britney store and her merchandise. This was the crowning detail that helped me complete my design. Seeing what the fans liked and seeing what Britney’s brand has evolved into, the inspiration hit an all-time high! I completely changed my original design and immediately fell in love with the outcome.

I know the odds of my design making it into the Britney store are slim. But I believe in this. I believe this should exist. And most of all, I BELIEVE IN TAKIN’ CHANCES! 😉

What I’m sharing are mock-ups of products I think are must’s for this particular design.

Legally I can’t really sell it (even tho people use her name and face all the time). So my goal was for her to see it and want it as a product!

Thanks so much to Anthony and Britney-Galaxy for the love and support. The fanbase wouldn’t be the same without you!"

2015 m. spalio 26 d., pirmadienis

Oficialus Britney singlų pardavimai

Įrašų kompanija "RCA Records" paskelbė oficialius Britney singlų pardavimus visame pasaulyje. Šiuo metu atlikėja yra pardavusi daugiau nei 110 mln. kopijų singlų (skaitmeniniai ir fiziniai diskai) visame pasaulyje. Žemiau pateikiamas Top-10:

1. "...Baby One More Time" — 8,9 mln. kopijų
2. "Scream & Shout" — 8,6 mln. kopijų
3. "Womanizer" — 7,7 mln. kopijų
4. "Circus" — 6,4 mln. kopijų
5. "Toxic" — 5,7 mln. kopijų
6. "Till The World Ends" — 5,2 mln. kopijų
7. "3" — 5,1 mln. kopijų
8. "Piece Of Me" — 4,6 mln. kopijų
9. "Gimme More" — 4,3 mln. kopijų
10" «Oops!...I Did It Again" — 4 mln. kopijų

Britney paaukojo Nevados vaikų fondui

Visi mes puikiai žinome, kad Britney begalo myli vaikus ir negailėdama pinigų aukoja jų reikmėms. Šiandien savo Facebook profilyje atlikėja pasidalino nuotrauka, kurioje ji Nevados vaikų vėžio fondui paaukojo solidžia sumą mažųjų ligoniukų reikmėms. Akcija vykdoma bendradarbiaujant kartu su Zappos.com.

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8-asis albumo "Backout" gimtadienis

Ši diena yra viena svarbiausių Britney gerbėjų gyvenime. Lygiai prieš 8-ius metus debiutavo geriausių muzikos istorijoje tituluojamu albumas - "Blackout". Albumas mums padovanojo vienus geriausių singlų jos muzikinėje karjeroje, o pats albumas tapo tikra legenda. Prisiminkime visas albumo dainas!

Intriguojančios detalės apie serialą "Jane The Virgin"

Internete pasirodė pirmieji ankstyvieji pranešimai apie būsimą serialo "Jane The Virgin" seriją, kurioje vaidins ir Britney. Pranešimas teigia, kad visgi atlikėjos serija televizijoje bus parodyta lapkričio 9 diena, o ne spalio 26d. kaip mes esame informuoti iki šiol. Žemiau jūsų dėmesiui trumpas serijos aprašymas su pagrindiniais įvykiais, o plačiau galite perskaityti šiame puslapyje:



"Chapter Twenty-Seven" - (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) (Content Rating TBD) (HDTV)

POP STAR BRITNEY SPEARS GUEST STARS - Jane (Gina Rodriguez) thinks she is finally ready to make a decision about her love life. Alba (Ivonne Coll) has taken the proper steps to become a citizen, but Xo's (Andrea Navedo) past might make it more difficult than anyone was expecting. Rogelio (Jaime Camil) learns that his nemesis, Britney Spears, is at the Marbella Hotel and he is determined to confront her about their past. Michael (Brett Dier) is so caught up in his ongoing feud with Rafael (Justin Baldoni) that he ends up in big trouble at work. Meanwhile, Petra (Yael Groblas) gets an offer from her ex Milos (guest star Max Bird-Ridnell) she just can't refuse. Jann Turner directed the episode written by Jessica O'Toole (#205). Original airdate 11/9/2015."

Šimtas aštuonioliktas "Piece Of Me" koncertas Las Vegase

Vakar, spalio 24d, įvyko dar vienas naujas "Piece Of Me" koncertas Las Vegase. Koncerto metu Britney prie jau esamo naujo kostiumo pridėjo korsetą (žiūrėti nuotrauką), daugiau neužfiksuota jokių pokyčių. Daugiau nuotraukų ir video medžiagos rasite šiame puslapyje.

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Naujas Britney Twitter pranešimas

2015 m. spalio 24 d., šeštadienis

Nauja susitikimo su Britney istorija

Jūsų dėmesiui dar viena puiki Britney gerbėjo Trevor Collins susitikimo su atlikėja istorija:

In early May I made the life changing decision to treat myself and buy a meet and greet package to finally meet the queen. October 16 would be the day I could look into the eyes and speak to the very person I felt I had already known for so long, but only from a far.

When I arrived to Vegas, I noticed Piece Of Me promos were EVERYWHERE! My excitement was at an all time high.

I arrived to the Axis Theater at 6PM to check in and wait for them to take us all back to meet Fe. Shortly after 6:30 we were all escorted single file into the theater where Fe so cutely stood waiting to greet us all. She ran down a list of some ground rules and then we were on our way. Next thing you know you’re walking onto the stage and strutting down the catwalk. It’s very surreal to be up there and see exactly what Britney sees each night. Fe is very detailed with all the facts about the show. She even has the cutest note cards to use for backup in case she forgets something. She introduced us to various members of the team and even Larry made a small cameo during our tour. We were all able to see the wings used during Everytime up close and they’re stunning!

Next you make your way up a narrow stairway, up two flights of stairs. You notice immediately the overwhelming smell of vanilla candles. (I knew Britney was for sure behind this closed door as we passed by.) Once we got to the top floor we were brought into Britney’s wardrobe room. Fe gushed about all of the different costumes that were made for the show and how many options Brit had for each number. We were shown the difference between the original Circus costume and the one she had been wearing most recently. The original was very heavy compared to the new one. She also showed us the large rack of shoes that Britney no longer wore for a number of reasons. Fe was a big fan of this rack since they wear the same size and she sneaks a pair every now and then. They were even putting the final touches on the new red costume Britney wore for the first time that night during Toxic.

Afterwards we make our way back down to the stage and it wasn’t until we were all well away from the stairwell that Fe confirmed that we did in fact pass by Britney’s dressing room. Next we are shown the dancers quick change room and then on our way out we all got to touch the props used during Me Against The Music. Once we leave the stage we have about a 20 minute break before we were to meet back to go meet Britney.

During this time is when I became a nervous wreck! I paced back and forth. I went to the bathroom a dozen times to check how I looked. I had gone over in my head what I wanted to say to her many many times. Yet each time it never felt right. So instead I decided to let the moment happen naturally and not try and seem scripted.

Finally it was time to go back and meet Britney! We all were taken outside and lined up in a back hallway with large power generators and storage. Her security team goes into great detail on everything you CANNOT do and then we waited. It was another 20 minutes before we were all lead in one by one. I was second to last to meet Britney. As people that went before me made their way past me, I over heard them mention how short her hair was, how beautiful she was, and how quick the meeting was. My heart was racing and next thing I know it’s my turn.

Nothing prepares you to walk up those steps, turn the corner, and be face to face with Britney. There she was, standing in front of me looking RIGHT at me. I extended my hand and introduced myself “Hi, my names Trevor. It’s so nice to meet you.” I believe she said “nice to meet you too” Or something along those lines. Then she turned to the camera. I stopped for a second and asked if it would be ok to put my arm around her. She simply said “of course”. We took our photo and at this time I realized how many people were staring at us. Larry, Robin, security guards, the camera woman. It was all very intimidating to say the least. So I froze and all I could get out was “thank you, have a great show!” To which she said “thank you”. On my way out I said hello to Larry and Robin and then just like that it was over. Maybe 20 seconds at most. And that is no fault but my own. There really is no set time limit to your meeting, it all depends on how much or in my case how little you say to her. I was in a bit of disbelief, It was almost like it was a dream. I couldn’t even remember what she was wearing.

I made my way back to the theater and found my seat. Now I was a nervous wreck waiting for the show to end so I could see how our photo came out. I was just certain that I was going to look insane in my photo and this had me so stressed out. Before the show started I made friends with a lovely girl named Pauline who had also done the meet and greet. She and I sat next to each other and shared our experience with one another.

As soon as the show was over we hurried to the location Fe told us to pick up our photos. There was Fe in all her glory waiting for us. As soon as I approached she greeted me and said that everyone LOVED my photo and loved that we match. I was confused at first and then when I saw the photo I realized we both were wearing polka dots! It’s like it was meant to be. I didn’t even notice this until the photo was in my hand. Our photo turned out amazing, I was so happy. She even put her arm around me which I also didn’t realize happened until I saw our photo.

Fe truly made the entire experience unforgettable! Aside from the chance to meet Britney, I would highly recommend you do it just for Fe and the backstage tour alone. I must mention that Fe gives the SWEETEST hugs! She pats your back and you can feel how genuine she is. She really helps calm you down.

My only advice for anyone going to the meet and greets in the future would be to say what you’ve always wanted to say to Britney, don’t be shy! Britney is extremely shy herself, so you’ll have to engage her. Otherwise your experience will be very brief. And she plays off your energy, so if you come in crazy you’ll freak her out. Thank you Britney-Galaxy for letting me feature my story!!

I’m already planning on going again next year for my 30th so that I can be better prepared to turn that corner and actually say more to her. ❤️

Šimtas septynioliktas "Piece Of Me" koncertas Las Vegase

Vakar, spalio 23d. įvyko naujas "Piece Of Me" koncertas Planet Hollywood komplekse. Koncerto metu Britney ir vėl mus nudžiugino netgi dviem naujais sceniniais kostiumais atliekant dainas "Freakshow", "Do Somethin" ir "Circus". Daugiau nuotraukų ir video medžiagos rasite šiame puslapyje.

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Vaizdo įrašai iš 116-to "Piece Of Me" koncerto

2015 m. spalio 22 d., ketvirtadienis

Marlo Kerr susitikimo su Britney istorija

Atsidavusi Britney gerbėja Marlo Kerr jau antrą kartą susitiko su atlikėja "Piece Of Me" koncerto metu. Ji su mumis visais pasidalino savo istorija:

On October 14, 2015 I met Britney Spears for a second time in Las Vegas, over a year after my first meet and greet in September of 2014. When I saw the prices of M&Gs drop, I knew that this was my opportunity for a re-do! For this M&G I planned to say more and mention that I was the fan that gave her the “Good Vibes” shirt back in May. So we finished the backstage tour with Fe, who is always so sweet and kind, and she agreed again to bring Britney another yoga shirt I found for her that said “We All Shine On” on it (I’m still praying each day I see new photos of her that she is wearing it! Fe mentioned that it took 2 years for Britney to wear the dress for the Boys/Perfume songs that Fe told her she loved, so I’m not holding my breath, but I’m not giving up either J).

Anyways, we finished the backstage tour and took our 15 minute break. I couldn’t believe I was going to be given a second chance at my dream! When I walked up to Britney, I introduced myself and mentioned I had seen her show 4 times and was from Buffalo, NY. Then I mentioned I had given her the “Good Vibes” shirt and I thanked her for wearing it and she smiled and nodded (I think she said something too, but I couldn’t hear exactly what she said, she is so soft spoken!). Then I asked if I could hold her hand for the picture and she said sure J We took the photo and I was ready to ask my planned question, “What does the tattoo on your hand mean?” She laughed and replied that it was an accident and she actually is looking into getting it removed! I couldn’t believe Britney was talking with me and making direct eye contact J Then I said I always thought it was about her children and she said “oh no”, still smiling. I asked for a quick hug and told her necklace was beautiful and she said “thank you” as I walked away. I still can’t believe I got an answer to a question I always wondered about directly from the queen herself J I couldn’t be happier with my second M&G experience! Thank you so much Britney for taking the time to respond to your fans and make them feel so appreciated! Love you Britney!!

Šimtas šešioliktas "Piece Of Me" koncertas Las Vegase

Vakar, spalio 21d. įvyko naujas "Piece Of Me" koncertas Planet Hollywood komplekse. Koncerto metu Britney pademonstravo du naujus, visiškai fantastiškus sceninius kostiumus atliekant dainas "Baby One More Time", "Pretty Girls", "Lucky" ir "Circus". Daugiau nuotraukų ir video medžiagos rasite šiame puslapyje.

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