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Asaf Goren papasakojo apie vaizdo klipo "Make Me" filmavimus

Naujausiame savo interviu su "EW" modelis Asaf Goren, kuris vaidino naujausiame Britney vaizdo klipe "Make Me", papasakojo apie vaizdo klipo filmavimus kartu su pop muzikos žvaigžde:

After nearly two years of hype, Britney Spears’ ninth album is less than a month away from release, and last week she debuted the first visual from the collection: a music video for its lead single “Make Me…” The meta clip — it’s a music video about the making of a music video — shows Spears and her friends holding auditions, with a cadre of buff guys hoping to score a cameo.
One of those models, Asaf Goren, has already made his way onto the small screen on reality shows like MTV’s Are You The One? and So You Think You Can Dance, but the 24-year-old Israeli says he was willing to do just about anything to get in Spears’ video, shot last month in Los Angeles.
“The director [Randee St. Nicholas] said, ‘Do your own thing and don’t hold back,’” Goren tells EW. “The moment the director told me ‘You’re free to do whatever you like,’ I was, like ‘Okay, I’m going to ruin the set.” Goren appears in the clip as one of the auditioning models and uses his camera time to dump a water bottle on his head, take a selfie, and joke around with his skateboard.
“We couldn’t bring our phones inside the studio but I brought it anyway to take a selfie to send to my mom and my sister,” he says. “[The stars] all loved it.”
When it came to interactions with Spears, he remembers, “I don’t think people expect her to be that nice but she is. She’s really hardworking and it was inspiring for me to see her.”

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