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Nauja susitikimo su Britney istorija

Jūsų dėmesiui dalinamės nauja susitikimo su Britney istorija, kurią papasakojo Joseph Mrianda:

The tour ended, and I asked Fe if it would be ok if I gave her a hug and asked if I could take a pic with her. She said of course we can. I was so happy. We were then lined up to meet Britney. I was so nervous.We were told to respect Britney by not touching her, and to keep calm and just be happy to meet her. One by one people were meeting Britney, until it was my turn. My palms were sweating, and I could not believe the moment I was waiting for was about to come true. It was so cool because when I was waiting, I remember seeing Britney’s silhouette threw the prop were we take the picture if that make since. Anyways it was my turn, and I walked up this ramp, and turned the corner of the prop and I met up with Britney. Omg, inside I was so nervous but I kept my cool. I said hi Britney my name is Joseph, and she said hi nice to meet you in a very sweet voice.She pulled me tords her, and gave me a hug. I put my head on her shoulder and we took our picture. After we took the pic, I guess I was to in shock because I started walking off until I hear Britney say it was nice to meet you. I then turned around and said thank you for everything you do, and told her it was nice to meet her too. We were then told to go back to theater, and watch the show. That night will be the best night of my life. It was a dream come true.

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