2016 m. rugsėjo 22 d., ketvirtadienis

Britney organizuoja "Piece Of Me" labdaros vakarą

Britney širdis yra tikrai aukso verta. Šiandien pop princesė paskelbė, kad bendradarbiaudama kartu su Zappos ir XCYCLE ruošia "Britney Spears: Piece Of Me Charity Ride" renginį. 45 minučių trukmės dviračių renginys įvyks spalio 27 diena. Patvirtinta, kad pati Britney taip pat dalyvaus šiame labdaros renginyje. Visos surinktos lėšos bus skirtos Nevados "Childhood Cancer Foundation "ONE Year ONE Home Capital Campaign" fondui. Štai, ką pati atlikėja pasakė:

Let’s do a weekend in Vegas together… how does that sound?! This is my first campaign with Prizeo and I’m already so excited to fly one of you out here and give you the best Vegas trip ever!! 
All you have to do to enter is make a small donation to the incredible Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation. And if you win, I’ll fly you out, put you up in a hotel, get you VIP tickets to my Piece Of Me concert, and we’ll meet up at the show! I’m even getting you reservations for dinner at one of my favorite spots… 
And to celebrate my October 27th event at XCYCLE, I asked them to give you a VIP experience during your trip out here. 
Every $10 donated is 100 entries to win, and higher donations mean extra rewards — check out my new t-shirts and the album plaques that came directly from my manager Larry’s private collection! 
We’re going to make some amazing things happen for the kids being helped by the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation… so THANK YOU for teaming up with me on this 🙂

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