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Atrastas mistinis Britney vaikinas

Atskleista mistinio Britney vaikino iš Jungtinės Karalystės tapatybė. Visi prisimena, kuomet būdama šioje šalyje atlikėja Instagram profilyje pasidalino vaizdo įrašu, kuriame užfiksuotas vyras važiuojantis motociklu "The men in London OMG". Susipažinkite:

Phil, 46, who works for Hearst magazines in London’s West End, was alerted to the footage and admits he is “flattered” by the comments. But he insisted he will not let it go to his head. He told The Sun: “If I took it that way I’d be big-headed as she couldn’t see me properly because I had a helmet and glasses on. 
“I’m under no illusion it was probably the motorbike and the image she liked, rather than me.” When The Sun told Britney we had identified her “crush” she said: “OMG — I can’t believe you found him.” Phil, who lives with wife Louise and daughters Millie, 11, and six-year-old Daisy in Kingston, South West London, was alerted to the footage by a workmate who recognised his crash helmet. He then posted an article about it on Facebook, which pals found “hilarious”. 
Phil said: “The kids love it and are enjoying the spotlight after their dad got picked out. They’ve been trying to prove to their friends it’s really me.” He said account manager Louise, 42 “can’t believe the fuss it’s made and finds it quite funny.”

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