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Suzanne Vega pasakoja apie dainą "Tom's Diner"

Žurnalo "Rolling Stone" interviu metu atlikėja Suzanne Vega (pirmoji singlo "Tom's Diner" atlikėja) pasidalino puikiais žodžiais apie Britney ir jos sprendimą įrašyti singlą "Tom's Diner" kartu su Giorgio Moroder. Paskaitykite:

Despite a robust creative output over the years, perhaps Vega is still best remembered for her two earliest and biggest hits: the poetic observations in “Tom’s Diner” and “Luka,” which deals with child abuse. In fact, “Tom’s Diner” was once again a radio hit last year – nearly 30 years after its original a capella release on her first studio album Solitude Standing – when Giorgio Moroder remade it with Britney Spears singing the familiar lines: “I am sitting in the morning/At the diner on the corner/I am waiting at the counter/For the man to pour the coffee …”
“I have to say, I was surprised,” Vega says. “It came right on the heels of Fall Out Boy [who sampled the song on “Centuries”]. I thought, ‘That’s great that Britney Spears wants to do this.’ I was impressed because it was her idea and … it’s showing maturity in her career choices.”
Vega admits she was also surprised how closely Moroder followed the DNA remix that hit Number Five on the Hot 100 in 1990 after its release, hoping it may take on a disco tinge. “I’m a big Donna Summer fan, and I was expecting a real transformation,” she says. “I was thrilled [Britney] did it, and I hope she does it in her live show.”

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