2017 m. birželio 21 d., trečiadienis

Britney interviu Singapūro laikraščiui "The Newspaper"

Britney davė naują intervių Singapūro leidiniui "The Newspaper", kuriame papasakojo apie berniukus bei muzikinę ateitį:

Britney Spears has a pair of extremely protective bodyguards - and she is proud of them.
They are her sons, Sean Preston Federline, 12, and Jayden James Federline, 11, who have taken it upon themselves to be her protector. "When I was younger, I was more protective of them. But now, I think they're more protective of me. "When we go out to restaurants and fans approach me, they will keep a lookout to make sure nobody messes with their mama," said Spears, laughing, adding that the boys are "almost as tall as me now".

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