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Britney interviu Singapūro laikraščiui "Straits Times"

Dar vienas įdomus Britney interviu Singapūro laikraščiui "Straits Times":

Pop star Britney Spears has two sons who are now around the same age she was when she started out in show business in The Mickey Mouse Club. 
So, will her kids - Sean, 11, and Jayden James Federline, 10 - be following in their mother's footsteps? Not a chance, the 35-year-old singer, who is performing at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on June 30, tells The Straits Times.
"They've grown up with me being in the business," she says, sounding chirpy over the telephone from Thailand, one of the stops on her current Asian tour. 
"They basically look at it like, 'Oh, mummy does it, so it's not that fascinating.' So I think they'll go in the opposite direction, believe it or not. What mum does isn't cool." While the upcoming show is her first major concert in Singapore, it will not be the first time she has performed here. 
She did a showcase performance for music industry executives here in 1998, a year before her debut album ...Baby One More Time became a worldwide hit.

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