2019 m. sausio 10 d., ketvirtadienis

Justin Tranter tapo pagrindiniu naujo Britney albumo prodiuseriu

Mega hitų kūrėjas Justin Tranter naujausiame savo interviu žurnalui "Variety" atskleidė, kad jis tapo pagrindiniu būsimo Britney albumo prodiuseriu:

"Variety has learned that hitmaker Justin Tranter (Imagine Dragons, Selena Gomez) serves as executive producer on Spears’ next full-length release for RCA Records, her tenth studio effort over a career that spans two decades (her last album was “Glory” in 2016, on which Tranter had four writing credits). Tranter acknowledges that he is working on the album, telling Variety, “I’m beyond excited to be involved,” but declines to speculate on a possible release date or whether it will come out in 2019.
Spears’ manager, Larry Rudolph, says, “Everything is on hold right now until Jamie is better. But once he is, she will resume working on the album with Justin. Right now, she’s taking some time off to deal with these family issues."

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