2019 m. gegužės 7 d., antradienis

Britney motina Lynne kovos dėl dukros teisių

Pasirodė informacija, kad Gegužės 10 diena įvyks teismo posėdis dėl Britney globos teisių nustatymo. Atlikėjos motina Lynne išreiškė norą tapti jos oficialią globėją, ir kaip visi mes tikimės išlaisvinti iš pinigų "kalėjimo". Stebėsime, kaip klostysis situacija:

According to court records obtained by The Blast, Lynne Spears filed a request Monday morning, requesting special notice and asking to be informed of all matters pertaining to Britney and her conservatorship. Lynne is also using her own attorney to file the paperwork! Sources close to Britney’s conservatorship tell The Blast Lynne actually spoke with Jamie before filing her documents, as she has mainly received her information about Britney through Jamie for years (but Absolute Britney feels Jamie and Britney’s team have been lying to Lynne a lot throughout the years on what is going on with Britney or even keeping her in the loop), and she wants to take a more proactive approach. Lynne now wants all the information as it officially comes in from the court, and Britney’s team has apparently always been supportive of Lynne being involved with the ongoing situation. At this point, Lynne has not made a move to become an actual conservator, but nothing is out of the question as she begins to get more involved.

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